Best Hairstyles For Older Ladies

Have you had the same hairstyle for years, that you’re becoming more and more tired of every day? Over time, it’s getting more difficult to change it and find the perfect, flattering haircut, especially as you get older. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

It’s still possible to find the perfect style, whatever it is that you’re looking for. Elegant, hot, sassy -you name it. But most importantly, these 19 hairstyles are all extremely flattering and youthful. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. It’s never too late for change.

19. Short-Layered Cut

Are you looking for something low maintenance, but still stylish? In that case, this is the perfect haircut for you. With this hairstyle, you don’t have to lose 10 minutes every morning on searching for hair ties!

You can focus on completely different, more important things. But the fact that this haircut is low-maintenance isn’t the only positive thing.

Short haircuts are sassy and cool, and allow you to show your beautiful face. This short-layered cut is equally suitable for a night when you dress up and while you’re out for a run, without getting distracted by hair flying around.

This hairstyle never goes out of style and it proves that style always comes first, despite your age.

18. Layered Bob

Ever heard the phrase: ‘I woke up like this’? Well, that’s actually true for this hairstyle! If you’re a classy and elegant lady (or would like to be!), then this is the hairstyle for you! This is a great hairstyle for everyone, but particularly for women in their 50s.

And just because it’s elegant, it doesn’t mean it’s a hassle. This is actually a very low-maintenance hairdo, despite the glamorous look.

This hairstyle allows you to show your beautiful traits and preserve some length, minus the hassle that comes with long hair. Win-win, right? This layered bob brings out your best traits, is easy to maintain and style and is the perfect example that elegance never stops being modern.

17. Asymmetrical Bob

This is the perfect hairstyle for bold, eccentric women who want to show their personality and are a living proof that age is just number. Do you also recognize yourself in that description? Then this is the perfect hairstyle for you! While it may not be as low-maintenance as some other hairstyles, it is definitely worth the effort.

After all, the results are always best when we put in some effort. And who said you should stop caring just because you’re getting older? Everything in life is asymmetrical, so why shouldn’t your hair be too? Prove to yourself, and to other, that it’s never too late for a cool hairdo!

16. Backcombed Outgrown Pixie

This backcombed hairstyle is often considered a ‘transition’ hairdo while you’re growing out your pixie cut. But in fact, it could be so much more than that. This hairstyle has so many advantages – it’s easy to style in the morning, it’s very low-maintenance and it gives you a very glamorous look.

With this hairdo, the whole world gets to see your beautiful traits and another big plus is that it’s really suitable for nice jewelry, such as these big earrings.

And even if this is just a transition hairdo, you can still rock it while it doesn’t grow out to something else or until you cut your pixie cut again!

15. Short Crop with Side Bangs

Have you always been searching for a feminine and soft hairstyle, but never found one that’s perfect for you! Then this could be the one! As if short crops aren’t hot enough, but it becomes even hotter (if possible!) with side bangs. Just take a look at this photo!

While it may not be as low-maintenance as some other dos, it’s definitely worth the effort. This hairstyle is both elegant and sporty – a rare mix.

So, if you can’t decide whether you want to be elegant or sporty, just be both! And while this is a great hairstyle for everyone, it especially suits women in their 50s, as it makes them look younger while being classy.

14. Updo

Okay, who wouldn’t want to look like an actress on the red carpet? And with this hairstyle, it’s actually possible! Do you have a big wedding coming up or a black-tie party and you’re looking for inspirations hairdos? Look no more! This is the perfect hairstyle for such occasions!

This updo is perfect, as it’s really easy to do while being so elegant as if you had been spending hours on getting it right! There are also many variations; you can style it with some hairspray or let some locks hang loosely. Or why not use an elegant hair pin to top the looks? No matter how you decide to style it, we promise you it will be a big hit!

13. Short Pixie Haircut

The pixie haircut has become legendary – and it’s no wonder! This is the perfect hairstyle for any woman, but especially those in the 50s and older. Why? Because it’s low-maintenance and practical while being really stylish!

This hairdo allows you to just get out of bed in the morning and begin your day, without having to worry about what mood your hair is in today or how much earlier you have to wake up in order to style it.

Another big plus that the short pixie style is perfect for women who have graying and thin hair, and not to forget – it allows you to show your beautiful traits to the world!

12. Short Fine Hair

This hairstyle can be described with one word – elegance! There’s nothing more beautiful than an older lady who takes care of herself, and this hairstyle is a perfect proof of that. Another big advantage is that you don’t have to dye your hair, as this hairdo is even more stylish with gray, silky hair.

It’s also a nice balance between short and long hair and is perfect for women who are not ready to completely say goodbye to their long hair but are tired of the hassle that comes with long locks. Lastly, this hairstyle is perfect for older women as it frames their faces well and make them look much
younger than they are.

11. Graduated Bob

Bobs are among the most popular hairstyles in the world, and it’s no wonder! Just look at this hairdo – it’s both elegant and glamorous! But as if a regular bob wasn’t pretty enough, let us introduce you to the graduated bob. It’s equally elegant and classy, but a bit better for mature ladies.

Why? As you know, hair may become finer with age, so this is where graduated hairstyles come into the picture. They give mature ladies the desired appearance of fullness and volume while being really elegant and appropriate for any outfit. Last but not least, this hairdo is great for ladies who enjoy styling their hair and who like experimenting with hair colors, as graduated locks are great for highlights.

10. Asymmetrical Pixie

You’ve probably heard of the regular pixie-cut. Maybe you’ve even had one at some point? If you liked it but got bored with it, maybe it’s time to try this asymmetrical pixie? This hairstyle is fierce, sassy and really shows your true personality. Why look like everybody else your age when you could be unique and stick out?

This unique shape instantly makes the look more dramatic and gives it an elegant twist, while being really sassy. Another big plus is that it really shows off your cheekbones and makes you look so much younger! This asymmetrical do is perfect for ladies with an attitude, who want to make all heads turn when they step into the room.

9. Sculpted Bob

Here comes another variation of the popular bob hairstyle! However, it’s a bit different from the original bob, as it is much looser and with more volume. With other words – perfect for mature ladies with a fun personality!

Just as the name says, this hairdo is sculpted around your face and it really makes your beautiful traits show. Instead of covering the forehead, this do reveals more of your gorgeous face!

If you’re tired of the short hairdo’s that are so popular among ladies your age, try this one! It gives you dimension and volume in a short and low-maintenance package. Isn’t that just what you’re looking for? Give it a try and you’ll see other ladies copying you very soon!

8. Face-Framing Layers

Just as the name says, this is the perfect do if you’re looking to frame that beautiful face of yours! And the goof par is – you can completely adapt it to your face and layer it however you want. A popular solution is the jawline-enhancing shorter layer, but that’s not the only solution.

This hairstyle is also perfect for ladies who don’t want to give into the short hair trend, despite their age. And why should you? Some women prefer long, some short hair, and that’s the way it should be!

Even though it may not be as low-maintenance as some of the shorter hairstyles on this list, it’s definitely worth the effort! Why not put in a couple more minutes in the morning, but then feel beautiful and glamorous the whole day? Also, if you like highlights in your hair, this might be the perfect do for you as it really showcases those beautiful highlights thanks to the many layers.

7. Medium Length Subtle Bangs

Are you a bang-lady? We get you! Bangs are hot, especially if you style them well and if the rest of your hair is healthy. This hairdo frames your face perfectly and the bangs serve several purposes. One – they are gorgeous. Two – they hide those wrinkles in your forehead and make you look so much younger. Three – they show your sassy, unique personality.

But bangs alone don’t work if the rest of your hair is splitting and breaking. So, cut off a couple of inches and opt for a shorter, healthier hair. Just by doing so you lose a couple of years instantly! You have such a beautiful face. Why not frame it with healthy hair and subtle bangs?

6. Short Side-Swept Bangs

Here comes another do for bang-ladies! But this time it’s side-swept bangs in combination with a shorter haircut. This type of bangs is one of the most popular ones, especially among mature ladies. Why? Just take a look at the picture! They’re youthful, classy and professional, all at once. It’s equally suitable when you’re dressed up and when you’re sitting in a meeting.

Also, these side-swept bangs frame your face beautifully and bring out the best of you. What’s just as good is that they work with any haircut, from the pixie to the bob, and even longer hairstyles! Even though side-swept bangs can be high-maintenance at times, when you get a hang of it and learn how to style them, you will never want to replace them for something else again!

5. Versatile Pixie Cut

As you may have noticed by now, the pixie cut really dominates the hair world among mature ladies. And we can’t blame you! This is another type of the pixie cut, the most versatile one, as you can style it however you like and feel in the mood of. This is why so many women opt for this hairstyle, as it’s easily adapted to every personality and style.

Prefer a more elegant do? Or are you more of a sporty type? Anything works, and that’s the beauty with this versatile hairdo. You just need to adapt it to your personality and style. Tip: if you want to freshen it up a bit, add a few highlights or layers. It’s a small thing to do, but it makes such a difference!

4. Short Thick Wavy Bob

Do you have thick, wavy hair? Most people would say ‘lucky you’! But we know it can be really difficult and tiring to tame thick hair at times. This is why we propose this hairstyle for you! By adding a lot of layers in your bob, the hair will be easier to style and control, and you won't have to worry what kind of hair day you’ll have tomorrow! Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears, after all the years with trying to tame your locks?

If you invest in the right cut, you might even get that wash-and-go style and just get out of the shower and go on with your day, without having to worry about styling. Instead, focus on keeping your hair healthy and shining!

3. Loose Side Braid

This is a perfect hairstyle, both for elegant parties and a whole day out in nature. It just depends on how you style it and what you combine it with. This loose side braid is perfect for mature ladies with longer hair, who love to mix it up and keep it interesting, despite their age. Besides, who says you can’t have fun and beautiful braids and hairstyles when you get older?

Apart from being really beautiful, this hairstyle is really easy to do. You just braid the hair and put it on one side. You can do it with the help of hairpins or hairspray if you want the braid to last throughout the day. Or why not put a beautiful flower in the hair and show your unique personality to everyone?

2. Curly Bob

If you’re a bob-girl, every inspiration you can get is valuable, right? So, here comes another one! This hairstyle is perfect for you if you already have curly hair, but can be equally good on ladies who wish to curl their hair and spice it up a bit. If that’s the case, hair spray is your best friend after having curled the hair.

What are the best words to describe this haircut? Pretty, feminine and sticking out of the crowd. Your curls will make everyone’s’ heads turn when you walk into the room. And if you can’t get those curls, don’t despair! This look is gorgeous with straight and wavy hair too.

1. Sleek Bob

The bob with the big B. The sleek bob. This is one of the most popular haircuts among mature ladies and here’s why! One – it’s extremely elegant. Two – it frames your face perfectly and brings out the best of you. And three – it makes you lose at least a couple of years, if not more!

The bob is also pretty low-maintenance and easy to style. With minimum input, you get maximal effect. Isn’t that something? But even though this bob is so popular, you won’t have to worry about not being unique. Because that’s the beauty of the bob – it looks different on every face and hair. You just need to find the perfect one for you!